Expert web design, web development, and database design are the keys to your business survival and growth in the Internet Age. focuses on using technology and the right solutions to make you and your business more efficient, allow you to expand your business base, and enable you to outperform your competition.

We offer:Meeting

  • Web Development, Web Design
  • Database Design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Software Design
  • Training
  • Content Management Systems with Drupal
  • Computer consulting and troubleshooting

We are based in Colorado Springs. Our focus area is the city and surrounding areas, but we support clients across the USA when the business needs can be met remotely, and almost all can.

For very simple website setup, we recommend

CEO is John E. Stith, (LinkedIn profile) a 25+ year professional in the computer industry. He's a former Air Force officer with a degree in physics, and the author of eight science-fiction novels.


Help is available for topics such as firewalls, routers, wireless Internet connectivity, network setup, ftp, and many others. Business topics include the Windows world of SQL Server, ASP, VB, Crystal Reports, and the rapidly expanding open source (free tools) world of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, etc.

Help is not limited to topics mentioned here. If you have a high-tech question, call or email free to find out what help is available to provide expert solutions, speed your task, shorten your learning curve, or help you avoid costly mistakes.


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Free Software:

  • Office equivalent
  • Photoshop equivalent
  • Free Antivirus
  • Free Firewall
  • Free Universal IM
  • Free PDF Generator
See all of these on the Free Software page.